What Exactly is

What Exactly is "Design-Build"

June 01, 2018

If you've ever considered building a home, you've certainly heard the term "Design-Build", but what exactly does it mean? Maybe you've even heard of "design-build" firms, but are a little fuzzy on what it is that they do – are they designers? or builders? It is a relatively new term, after all. 

Clients, builders, and architects have been the three cornerstones of custom homebuilding since the beginning of time. But sometimes there's a gap – a disconnect – when one of the three isn't happy and that's why "design-build" emerged.

Traditionally, the process for remodeling or building a custom home: the client has a vision for their new home or renovation and they hire an architect to draw it up. The owner takes these drawings to their preferred builder for an estimate. If the estimate matches what the client has budgeted, then all is fine and dandy. Unfortunately, more often then not, the builder’s estimate is a lot more than what they had budgeted. Now, the client takes the plans back to the architect to try to decrease the cost. The architect is forced to cut out design details that the client initially wanted and it leaves the client feeling like their home is not what they set out to build. If the project does move forward, any issues that arise during the course of construction can often lead to finger pointing between the architecture team and construction team since neither have full control of the project. The client gets stuck in the middle and everyone can end up feeling shortchanged. 

That's how "Design-Build" was born – a way to manage expectations, timeline and budget from the very beginning.  You, the client meet with us first. We discuss your budget and vision up front and we hire the right architect to design a home that fits. We develop a detailed site plan, floor plan, interior and exterior design. Upon finalizing the preliminary design, we prepare a comprehensive cost breakdown by obtaining real-time quotes from our subcontractors. This process not only gives us initial costs, but gets our subcontractor’s input on design. By directly managing the design team, Boxwell Homes controls the scope of the project to ensure the design intent and budget remain as originally proposed. By the time the design process is complete, you have a home design and budget that you’re excited about.

Design-build is a streamlined approach that puts less burden on you, the homeowner, and let's you focus on what’s important – the feel and livability of your home. You only manage one contract with a single point of responsibility; the designer and contractor are on the same team, providing unified recommendations. Changes or issues that arise during construction are addressed by the design–build team, so there's no finger pointing or blaming. 

We are currently in an environment where costs for labor and materials are rising. It's imperative to begin a project with full transparency… we guarantee it will lead to you loving your home. When you're ready to start the journey on your new custom home or renovation, hire Arizona’s design-build leader – Boxwell Homes.